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You have to have a Dream March 26, 2013

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“You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning.” –¬†Billy Wilder

Are you a morning person or are you one of the below ?




I LOVE mornings ! You could say that I’m a morning person ! If I wake up early, my day goes off pretty well. ūüôā Sure, I do have days where you have to drag me out of bed at 12 PM, but then who doesn’t love sleep, right ? ūüėõ

Here are the top 5 reason I love mornings (and waking up early):


In today’s busy and technology infested world, there isn’t a time of day (or night) when people aren’t calling / mailing / texting you (That’s probably why I sleep with my phone on Airplane Mode). I’m pretty sure not too many people would go to the pains of waking up at 6 AM to speak to you !

Basically, it’s a time when I can just be with myself, relax and ponder.




Jogging is my favorite form of exercise. Plug in you headphones, listen to the music you love, and feel the fresh air as you jog / run / walk with the sun rising along with you. Heavenly it is, believe me !




I try my best to pray five times a day, but the peace and serenity I get from my morning prayers is unbeatable. It makes me calm and prepares me for all the challenges I have to face in the day.

Morning Prayer



An extra 5-10 minutes in the morning are ideal to plan the day that lies ahead. I like to think of all that I have to get done, from the most exciting to the most boring tasks of the day. Then, I prioritize them and plan how to go about accomplishing them. Just knowing what you have to get done in the day gives you a head-start and makes it even easier.

to do list



Early mornings will automatically make you hungrier at an earlier time, and I love taking out time to fix myself a delicious yet healthy breakfast. Having the time to enjoy your breakfast rather than stuffing it down your throat really makes a difference !



If you’re inspired and want to wake up early now, here are some tips for you ! ūüôā

How to Wake up EARLY



World, here I come ! June 5, 2011

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What is the first thing in the morning that totally makes your day ? The sound of your child, the voice or tender touch of your loved one, a steaming cup of tea or the sunshine streaming in through your window ?

Life as we know it is truly overrated. We really don’t need extravagant things to make us feel content. Paradoxically, it is the smaller and at times overlooked aspects of our life that bring us the greatest joy.

Being a normal lazy human being, my mornings would start half an hour before I would have to leave home. Running between the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, barely getting a bite to eat, I would rush out to catch the office cab. And there would be the start of a day, where I would be running along with life.

Recently, when I started getting up right before sunrise, and began a routine of a morning walk before breakfast did I realise what all I was missing out on!

Unlocking the main door, feeling the cold breeze blow past me even on the warmest days was the most peaceful way of waking up! And as I walked in the park, relaxing and listening to music, finally getting some ME time in the day, the early morning rays of the sun seemed to welcome me to the start of a new day. The calmness and tranquility I felt was amazing! It actually made me want to go to a height where I could sit and watch the sunrise, oblivious to everything around me, and feel the true beauty of nature.

The small duration of time I spent hardly amounted to a tenth of my day, but the change it brought was wonderful. Instead of racing with time, here I started off with a peace and knew that I could handle whatever came to me today! Bring it on! Because, as is rightly said, no obstacle or problem is unsolvable if you are at peace with yourself, and at times, we underestimate the power of our true SELF !