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You have to have a Dream March 26, 2013

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“You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning.” – Billy Wilder

Are you a morning person or are you one of the below ?




I LOVE mornings ! You could say that I’m a morning person ! If I wake up early, my day goes off pretty well. 🙂 Sure, I do have days where you have to drag me out of bed at 12 PM, but then who doesn’t love sleep, right ? 😛

Here are the top 5 reason I love mornings (and waking up early):


In today’s busy and technology infested world, there isn’t a time of day (or night) when people aren’t calling / mailing / texting you (That’s probably why I sleep with my phone on Airplane Mode). I’m pretty sure not too many people would go to the pains of waking up at 6 AM to speak to you !

Basically, it’s a time when I can just be with myself, relax and ponder.




Jogging is my favorite form of exercise. Plug in you headphones, listen to the music you love, and feel the fresh air as you jog / run / walk with the sun rising along with you. Heavenly it is, believe me !




I try my best to pray five times a day, but the peace and serenity I get from my morning prayers is unbeatable. It makes me calm and prepares me for all the challenges I have to face in the day.

Morning Prayer



An extra 5-10 minutes in the morning are ideal to plan the day that lies ahead. I like to think of all that I have to get done, from the most exciting to the most boring tasks of the day. Then, I prioritize them and plan how to go about accomplishing them. Just knowing what you have to get done in the day gives you a head-start and makes it even easier.

to do list



Early mornings will automatically make you hungrier at an earlier time, and I love taking out time to fix myself a delicious yet healthy breakfast. Having the time to enjoy your breakfast rather than stuffing it down your throat really makes a difference !



If you’re inspired and want to wake up early now, here are some tips for you ! 🙂

How to Wake up EARLY



And you think you’re really ALIVE ? March 18, 2013

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So, here’s how it goes. I’m 25, happily married a month ago, been working for more than 3 years and just living my life. Perfect, you’d say, right ?

But, the story’s a bit different from nearby. I have a job, YES. I don’t hate my job, YES. I’m grateful I have work to go to everyday and a paycheck that comes around every month, YES. But, is this what I REALLY want ?

I read The Four Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris, and I loved how he said that the opposite of happiness isn’t being sad, it’s being bored. Because, till you’re not really EXCITED about what you do, you can’t be 100% HAPPY !

I think the problem is that I have dreams, but I’m not too sure of them myself. If someone asked me today, what exactly I see myself doing, I’d probably be a bunch of excuses and “ifs” and “buts”. Point being, I don’t really know what I want myself. Whose fault? Mine, of course.

I know that what I’m doing is not what I want to be doing my whole life, and I have a vague idea of I want to be doing, but I’m still not 100% clear of what it is.


So, five steps I’m taking to work on that(and you can do as well if you’re sailing in the same boat):


Dreams are free, they don’t cost anything except your imagination. It is only when you have dreams that you can achieve them. They’re the one thing that can keep you alive, no matter how messed up things around you are !


You have a dream? Great! Visualize what you want, be clear. If you yourself are not sure of what you want, you’ll never get there !


Believe in yourself ! We are at times our worst critics and tend to bring ourselves down. Boost your confidence by being your own support.


Socialize with people, especially positive ones! Lend an ear to what others have to say, but at the end of the day, you are the best judge of what works for you.

Listen, filter, and apply !


Look around yourself, and be happy for the small and big gifts LIFE has given you !

Express gratitude, feel it in yourself !

Be happy and spread joys to others around you as well ! 🙂


Is it as easy to “UNFRIEND” someone in Real Life ? October 11, 2012

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Being mad at people who were once an important irreplaceable part of your life isn’t easy. I’m not the types who gets angry at people too easily, I’m always looking at the brighter side and taking it for granted that he/she might as well be in a situation that I don’t know of.

But, sometimes, it hurts to know that someone you care so deeply for doesn’t even care for your existence!

Is a phone call or message or dropping by someone’s place so difficult in this technology infested age?

It really saddens me and hurts me immensely that I can’t share my joy with someone because they don’t have the time to pick up a call. I want you to be a part of my life, I miss the days when I would talk to you about “EVERYTHING” !

Yes, I am angry!

Yes, I am not taking your calls nor replying to your texts!

It’s because I’ve crossed my threshold of understanding.

But, somehow, even if I think of you today, I have a thousand things to thank you for !

For being my friend when I was all alone, for standing by me no matter what, for being a partner in all my crazy ideas, for being an extension of me and loving me unconditionally !

Because beneath this show of anger, it’s still all the same.

You were, are and will always be the same to me – you’re too precious  to lose !

And as Whitney Houston rightly said, “I will ALWAYS love you !”


This blog entry may seem to be a very normal post, but it wasn’t easy. I rarely express emotions, I have a habit of bottling emotions inside myself, and struggling alone with them.

This is an attempt to open up and let the people who matter to me know what I’m feeling !


Because you’re Worth It ! May 24, 2012

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When you look at me,
My beauty feels worthwhile.

When you smile at me,
My happiness feels worthwhile.

When our eyes meet,
My presence feels worthwhile.

When you touch me,
My love feels worthwhile.

When you hold me,
My existence feels worthwhile.

Because with you by my side,
no matter what happens,
My life feels worthwhile.



Yesterday is always more beautiful than today March 27, 2012

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Every day all of us go through the same mundane routine, so preoccupied with the role life has set out for us that we sometimes forget the true us.
Wasnt life so much easier when we were young ? Or is it that we now value things we took for granted ?
Driving along in our ac cars, we look longingly at carefree kids walking to tuitions. The same tuitions that used to be a torture and we thought would curb our freedom now seem like so much fun !
When was the last time you enjoyed something with your whole heart ? When you actually did what your heart truly said spontaneously, without any plans ?
All this might sound a bit wayward, but I miss the days when the biggest problems used to be your crush not liking you or getting bad marks, how difficult was that ? 🙂
I miss how everyone you called your friend would be a friend you could trust with your soul. I miss how you could make random plans and everyone would be there, no meetings, no office to come in between.


Wash away the memories May 29, 2011

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What is the most difficult thing that keeps us from moving on in life ?

It’s the memories, the moments that have been so beautiful that can’t let you forget the person in question or the painful trauma that keeps haunting you day and night.

The question that I’m pondering on is that if I had a choice to erase all my memories, especially all the bad ones, would I actually do it ? I think not. Because though it may help me forget the painful memories of my life, won’t I be missing out on the wisdom that I gained from it ? Today, I’m a product of what life has given me, good times and the bad ones. And all these experiences have made me a wiser person.

The truth is that each person we meet, unleashes in us a part of us that may not even be known to us. And it is through different people, that we get to discover the true us. We may move on in life, leave some people behind, knowingly or unknowingly, but as we move forward, we take with us a small part of each of them.

Sitting on a random day, memories often flood our minds, making us reminisce of times gone by, and though these thoughts may bring a smile to our face, deep down, the sadness of losing those happy moments are unavoidable. But, instead of delving into the not so happy aspects, why not smile and be truly happy without any inhibitions? For it is only when we are completely at peace with what we are, and what has gone by, that we can achieve inner peace. And when you think of a special person whose importance may have faded along with time and responsibilities, why not just pick up the phone and tell them you still care ?

To all the people who have touched my life, a big thank you for helping me discover who I am and for being a part of my life, no matter how long or short. And for people who I may have hurt along the way, forgive me for I am human too.

To conclude is a quote by Henry Miller that resonates with the same feeling –

The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love

So, spread the love and let’s make this world a happier place !