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Because you’re Worth It ! May 24, 2012

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When you look at me,
My beauty feels worthwhile.

When you smile at me,
My happiness feels worthwhile.

When our eyes meet,
My presence feels worthwhile.

When you touch me,
My love feels worthwhile.

When you hold me,
My existence feels worthwhile.

Because with you by my side,
no matter what happens,
My life feels worthwhile.



Emotional outburst = Amazing writing ? May 23, 2012

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The human mind is quite funny, it operates at its best when it’s under pressure. Late night assignments, deadlines to meetings, last-minute arrangements for dinner. You feel like you could do so much, but bam! the deadline’s here.

As a kid, I would always have a perfect timetable to study before the exams, equal distribution of chapters for each day, but somehow the efficiency of the last day was just unbeatable !

I’d say that pretty much the same applies to when I want to write. Writer’s block seems to be a really good friend of mine, not giving me too much time alone!
But, as soon I have an emotional overdose, be it happy or sad, the creative juices just start flowing uncontrollably! ­čÖé

Now that my current emotional (happy) overdose seems to be wearing off, I have a feeling that writer’s block is coming to visit me again. Sigh! ­čśŽ


Say “ME First” ! May 17, 2012

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All of our life, we’re taught to be good to the people around us. Greet elders with respect, love the younger ones, etc etc. But, somewhere along the way, I think people have forgotten the importance of the self. In our society, being selfless is considered a virtue. Seriously?

See, I’m not saying you should hog the whole cake and not share it with anyone :p Why no!
What I’m trying to say is that you should never overlook yourself just to please others. Because, if you don’t love yourself completely, the love you’re sharing with everyone just won’t be enough.

Well, how do you go about loving yourself

    Simple. The basic idea is until you are not at peace with yourself, till you are not 100% content with what you are, you will always find fault with what others are doing. Reason enough to lose your cool right?
    Be nice to people. but just don’t be a doormat. If you think something is not happening the way you want, discuss ! Screaming and name calling never got anyone anywhere anyway.
    What you give out, you will get back. Give a bit of compassion and understanding and the same shall come back to you ! [This is the basic law of the book The Secret by Rhonda]

    The world is not as bad as it’s made out to be. If you gave everything a little time (and patience) – including YOURSELF-,it would seem much brighter and better than it does right now !

    P.S. A small activity for you to do. Tomorrow when you get up in the morning, rather than running to catch up with time, wake up with a smile on your face. [Studies show that smiling and the resulting facial muscle movement actually brighten your mood].

    Thank God for all the luxuries and gifts he’s given you and believe that the day will be wonderful. Love yourself and your body.

    Be happy with what you are. I’m super duper sure you’ll have a great day ! {But, most important, be positive !!! Negativity kind of drains out all the good things you’re feeling :)}


So this is where H&M started ! April 14, 2012

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The History of H&M !

And I had no clue that my favorite shopping brand started in Sweden, WOW ! ­čÖé

PS Love the picture from 1952 … Old world feel !


Yesterday is always more beautiful than today March 27, 2012

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Every day all of us go through the same mundane routine, so preoccupied with the role life has set out for us that we sometimes forget the true us.
Wasnt life so much easier when we were young ? Or is it that we now value things we took for granted ?
Driving along in our ac cars, we look longingly at carefree kids walking to tuitions. The same tuitions that used to be a torture and we thought would curb our freedom now seem like so much fun !
When was the last time you enjoyed something with your whole heart ? When you actually did what your heart truly said spontaneously, without any plans ?
All this might sound a bit wayward, but I miss the days when the biggest problems used to be your crush not liking you or getting bad marks, how difficult was that ? ­čÖé
I miss how everyone you called your friend would be a friend you could trust with your soul. I miss how you could make random plans and everyone would be there, no meetings, no office to come in between.


Freedom or luxury ? March 1, 2012

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What is the basic fundamental right that is recognized the world over ? It’s the right to freedom, the right by which each citizen is given the right to live his\her life according to his\her own terms while respecting the prevalent culture and traditions as well. But are we truly free? Today, as a woman, when I hear the news of multiple girls being raped in different parts of the city with the cases ranging from a security guard raping a 6 year old girl to a man raping his colleague’s wife, I cringe at what our society has come to. Are we comfortable watching such headlines each day and praying inside that our wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends are safe?

I don’t even have the heart to try and understand why someone would commit such gruesome acts of violence. Rather, a question that comes to my mind as a woman is, what is more important to us ? Luxury or freedom ?

I would love being driven around everywhere or having my own car to travel anywhere anytime, I can have someone accompany me and feel safe. But I even want the freedom to use public transport, to catch a metro train when the roads are jammed, to ride in an auto or bus if I have to and to be able to walk the roads of my city, Delhi when I want to without turning around to see if anyone is following me or fearing anyone trying to grope me or pull me into a moving vehicle ! I love my city and to not have the freedom to explore it on my own will seems to be a violation of the fundamental law of freedom my constitution had promised me !


You are what you believe … February 24, 2012

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The pursuit of Happyness was a movie that I just loved. Apart from the fact that Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, is as great an actor as he is, the movie truly touched my heart. The extent that a father would go to protect his son’s livelihood and the blind faith that his son has in him is soul unnerving. The movie brought tears to my eyes at various points. But, I think what really worked for me was the feeling of how we can do great things but at times we just don’t believe ourselves to be capable enough.

The movie has a great line which says:

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. NOT EVEN ME. You got a dream , you gotta protect it. When people can’t so something themselves, they’re gonna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. PERIOD.

That just sums up some of life’s dilemmas beautifully. You may see someone failing at something you dream of doing and lose hope, but how can be you so sure that you’ll face the same fate? Maybe that’s what you’re destined for but you didn’t even give it a try ! Ask someone for advice but don’t get help ? Have faith in yourself ! Pep talk yourself into believing that you can do it ! Be your own motivator, don’t depend on others to boost your morale, because once you succeed, your success will be what gives you an adrenaline rush. And, for the days that you struggle, you will become a stronger and more experienced person than before. Just imagine what all you can miss out on by believing that you “can NOT do it” in someone else’s opinion.

So the 5 step guide to getting what you want:

1. Believe in YOURSELF and have FAITH in GOD

Yes, it’s easy to believe what people say and even easier to take things as they are.But, that’s the simple way out ! Because, without believing in yourself, you’re just another guy/girl.

2. GET OUT of your comfort zone

Comfortable job, easy money,┬áconvenience. But, is this what your actual capability is? I’m sure you can do better than this ! Push yourself, challenge yourself and face the hardships that come your way, because you’re made for much better things, you just have to go that extra mile !

3.  Listen to your HEART

Yes, security ( financial or other terms) is important but at the expense of your dreams ? Not worth it ! Spend some quality time with yourself, and discover what you are probably suppressing inside yourself, and work towards it !

4. Don’t go overboard, ONE STEP at a time

Lots on the self development and doing what you love, but you wouldn’t want to take rash decisions that will get you on the street. Plan your journey !

5. Trash all the NEGATIVE company

All the people who say you’re not going to get your dreams are just not worth it ! Spend time with people who are there for you and even if they believe in you, don’t try to bring you down !

So, in the end it’s just:

You want something, go get it. PERIOD. ­čÖé