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A Tribute To a Friend June 3, 2011

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To the memory of Sharib Akhtar, a senior, a mentor, a friend. Someone who lived life on his own terms and was always full of life. But, life had other plans for him and God called him back too soon. We know you’re up there smiling down at us. May Allah bless you and give you peace wherever you are !

That you are no longer here, gives us pain,

yet we hide it and from showing it we refrain.

A muffled sob, a silent tear,

at losing someone so dear.

Each and every night and day,

for your peace we do pray.

Oh God! Of him do take care,

since for us he was so rare.

Ever since you’ve been gone,

why do we feel so alone?

You left behind such a void,

that no one can fill that place;

we miss those mischievous eyes,

and that aura on your face.

Memories of the times we all shared,

how so deeply for us you cared.

Through times of joy and despair,

for us you were always there.

To share our losses and gain,

to help us through our pain.

Since the feelings are so many,

they cannot be penned;

what a gem of a person you were,

an inspiration and a friend.

And though you have left us forever,

in our hearts, you will live for ever and ever.