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Faith. Remembrance. Peace. September 18, 2012

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Dear God,

Hi! How are you doing this morning? I’m sure you have your hands full, what with 5 babies coming into the world every second, changing day to night and night to day all over the world (I’m amazed at your precision, what App do use to be so perfectly on time?), giving us snow, rain, sun, I guess the list just goes on and on!

Well, didn’t mean to bother you too much. I just had something to share with you. You know how whenever I”m sad, I cry and say: “GOD, why did this have to happen to me?”, or when I’m angry, I say: “I swear to GOD, I wont let go of the *******!”, or when I need something, I say: “GOD, please help me get this!”. You’re probably thinking, here she goes again with her ranting. But, guess what? TODAY is a bit different. I’m in a good mood today! ( Surprise? 🙂 ) And, I had to just write to you to say: “Wow, you’ve done an amazing job of making today so good for me!” Thank you for the beautiful world around me, the great friends, all the love and understanding, well, even the wonderful work and office ( Did I hear you cough right there? ), for giving me good health and vitality and for making me so happy. A big, gigantic THANK YOU for making my life worth living! A big THANK YOU for giving me hope and patience, for giving me a new beginning every morning, to start off right where I left yesterday!

I guess the world isn’t as bad as we make it out to be, you just need to tweak the strings a bit, put a few drops of oil in the right places, and boy, does life go into the highest gear in seconds! So, hey, thank you for showing me the brighter side of my life this beautiful morning!

And since, I’m so positive already, thanks for getting me Freshly Pressed too! I know you’re with me on this one!