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Emotional outburst = Amazing writing ? May 23, 2012

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The human mind is quite funny, it operates at its best when it’s under pressure. Late night assignments, deadlines to meetings, last-minute arrangements for dinner. You feel like you could do so much, but bam! the deadline’s here.

As a kid, I would always have a perfect timetable to study before the exams, equal distribution of chapters for each day, but somehow the efficiency of the last day was just unbeatable !

I’d say that pretty much the same applies to when I want to write. Writer’s block seems to be a really good friend of mine, not giving me too much time alone!
But, as soon I have an emotional overdose, be it happy or sad, the creative juices just start flowing uncontrollably! 🙂

Now that my current emotional (happy) overdose seems to be wearing off, I have a feeling that writer’s block is coming to visit me again. Sigh! 😦


2 Responses to “Emotional outburst = Amazing writing ?”

  1. setugandral Says:

    Could relate so much to your post..:)

  2. faisal siddiqui Says:


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