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Say “ME First” ! May 17, 2012

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All of our life, we’re taught to be good to the people around us. Greet elders with respect, love the younger ones, etc etc. But, somewhere along the way, I think people have forgotten the importance of the self. In our society, being selfless is considered a virtue. Seriously?

See, I’m not saying you should hog the whole cake and not share it with anyone :p Why no!
What I’m trying to say is that you should never overlook yourself just to please others. Because, if you don’t love yourself completely, the love you’re sharing with everyone just won’t be enough.

Well, how do you go about loving yourself

    Simple. The basic idea is until you are not at peace with yourself, till you are not 100% content with what you are, you will always find fault with what others are doing. Reason enough to lose your cool right?
    Be nice to people. but just don’t be a doormat. If you think something is not happening the way you want, discuss ! Screaming and name calling never got anyone anywhere anyway.
    What you give out, you will get back. Give a bit of compassion and understanding and the same shall come back to you ! [This is the basic law of the book The Secret by Rhonda]

    The world is not as bad as it’s made out to be. If you gave everything a little time (and patience) – including YOURSELF-,it would seem much brighter and better than it does right now !

    P.S. A small activity for you to do. Tomorrow when you get up in the morning, rather than running to catch up with time, wake up with a smile on your face. [Studies show that smiling and the resulting facial muscle movement actually brighten your mood].

    Thank God for all the luxuries and gifts he’s given you and believe that the day will be wonderful. Love yourself and your body.

    Be happy with what you are. I’m super duper sure you’ll have a great day ! {But, most important, be positive !!! Negativity kind of drains out all the good things you’re feeling :)}


2 Responses to “Say “ME First” !”

  1. dilipnaidu Says:

    Lovely thoughts and so true! Simple but effective ‘mantras’ to live life fully and joyfully. So lets start with a big smile 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey, thanks for the lovely words. And, yes, it all starts with a smile

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