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Yesterday is always more beautiful than today March 27, 2012

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Every day all of us go through the same mundane routine, so preoccupied with the role life has set out for us that we sometimes forget the true us.
Wasnt life so much easier when we were young ? Or is it that we now value things we took for granted ?
Driving along in our ac cars, we look longingly at carefree kids walking to tuitions. The same tuitions that used to be a torture and we thought would curb our freedom now seem like so much fun !
When was the last time you enjoyed something with your whole heart ? When you actually did what your heart truly said spontaneously, without any plans ?
All this might sound a bit wayward, but I miss the days when the biggest problems used to be your crush not liking you or getting bad marks, how difficult was that ? 🙂
I miss how everyone you called your friend would be a friend you could trust with your soul. I miss how you could make random plans and everyone would be there, no meetings, no office to come in between.


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