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Three wishes to a new ME ! February 20, 2012

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Don’t you sometimes wish you had a magical genie, whom you could rub and get three wishes granted ?

OK, so first a question.

Since I was a kid, I’d always wonder when people got a finite number of wishes, like when the genie goes like -“OK, you now have three wishes, make your choice wisely for your wish is my command”. Why , why, why does the first wish not entail asking for a thousand more wishes ???? My whole childhood I was traumatized by the fact that no one else was thinking on the same lines as me!

Well, on a more realistic note(not saying that the point above is in anyway invalid :P), what would be my three wishes?

1. To do a job that I really love

As a matter of fact, maybe not even do a job. Maybe work for myself. But to know that at the end of the day, I am happy with what I have done and can actually be enthusiastic for the next day that lies ahead.

2. To love the people who deserve it

To stop wasting time over people who don’t care and who are just not worth it. And to all those who matter and are there for me, to love them unconditionally and to let them know what they mean to me. Maybe a hug and a kiss, and telling them how meaningless life would be without them.

3. To help people whose worries go beyond the latest designer bag they have to buy

To actually be able to help a hungry man/woman, to provide a needy child with education, to give a smile to someone who might need just that.

Well, now that I look up at my magical list, I realize that all these changes aren’t something that a genie can do. It’s all inside me. Which makes me realize all the things I probably can be doing, and should probably start working on.

So, I believe this post will work as MY magical genie who will transform me to a new “ME” !


2 Responses to “Three wishes to a new ME !”

  1. ajeeta Says:

    Dats great thought and some where I thought the idea of that n number of wishes as my 3 rd and final wish….and any way as The Secret’ says, Universe is like Gennie, Just give it an order by placing your thoughts, and it will find out ways to make your wish true……So go ahead and ask for moreeee…….

  2. Thank God someone thought of that too 🙂
    And yes, the Universe is our genie !

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