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Zendagi Migzara February 17, 2012

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I just finished reading the Kite Runner, and am still reeling with after thoughts. I’ve read hundreds of books, avid reader that I am, but frankly, never has a book left such a strong impact on me.

Reading that book got me thinking, something I rarely do, preferring to take things as they are. Are we truly as perfect as we believe ? When we question someone’s actions or doubt their intentions, how many times can we prove ourselves crystal clear ? I don’t mean we’re bad people, what I am thinking is, don’t we sometimes concentrate so hard on looking at the wrong in people that we often overlook the good in ourselves ? Confusing, yes. False, no.

We as individuals possess strengths and abilities that at times remain unknown to us, and it is only in times of dire need, do we display them. But, if for a change, forgetting the people around us, we sat down and introspected, we could truly discover the true us, and get to know that we can actually be much better than we are and maybe the world wouldn’t be such a bad place after all ! 🙂

P.S. the title, just in case you’re wondering means “Life goes on” …


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