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You are what you believe … February 24, 2012

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The pursuit of Happyness was a movie that I just loved. Apart from the fact that Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, is as great an actor as he is, the movie truly touched my heart. The extent that a father would go to protect his son’s livelihood and the blind faith that his son has in him is soul unnerving. The movie brought tears to my eyes at various points. But, I think what really worked for me was the feeling of how we can do great things but at times we just don’t believe ourselves to be capable enough.

The movie has a great line which says:

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. NOT EVEN ME. You got a dream , you gotta protect it. When people can’t so something themselves, they’re gonna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. PERIOD.

That just sums up some of life’s dilemmas beautifully. You may see someone failing at something you dream of doing and lose hope, but how can be you so sure that you’ll face the same fate? Maybe that’s what you’re destined for but you didn’t even give it a try ! Ask someone for advice but don’t get help ? Have faith in yourself ! Pep talk yourself into believing that you can do it ! Be your own motivator, don’t depend on others to boost your morale, because once you succeed, your success will be what gives you an adrenaline rush. And, for the days that you struggle, you will become a stronger and more experienced person than before. Just imagine what all you can miss out on by believing that you “can NOT do it” in someone else’s opinion.

So the 5 step guide to getting what you want:

1. Believe in YOURSELF and have FAITH in GOD

Yes, it’s easy to believe what people say and even easier to take things as they are.But, that’s the simple way out ! Because, without believing in yourself, you’re just another guy/girl.

2. GET OUT of your comfort zone

Comfortable job, easy money, convenience. But, is this what your actual capability is? I’m sure you can do better than this ! Push yourself, challenge yourself and face the hardships that come your way, because you’re made for much better things, you just have to go that extra mile !

3.  Listen to your HEART

Yes, security ( financial or other terms) is important but at the expense of your dreams ? Not worth it ! Spend some quality time with yourself, and discover what you are probably suppressing inside yourself, and work towards it !

4. Don’t go overboard, ONE STEP at a time

Lots on the self development and doing what you love, but you wouldn’t want to take rash decisions that will get you on the street. Plan your journey !

5. Trash all the NEGATIVE company

All the people who say you’re not going to get your dreams are just not worth it ! Spend time with people who are there for you and even if they believe in you, don’t try to bring you down !

So, in the end it’s just:

You want something, go get it. PERIOD. 🙂


Three wishes to a new ME ! February 20, 2012

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Don’t you sometimes wish you had a magical genie, whom you could rub and get three wishes granted ?

OK, so first a question.

Since I was a kid, I’d always wonder when people got a finite number of wishes, like when the genie goes like -“OK, you now have three wishes, make your choice wisely for your wish is my command”. Why , why, why does the first wish not entail asking for a thousand more wishes ???? My whole childhood I was traumatized by the fact that no one else was thinking on the same lines as me!

Well, on a more realistic note(not saying that the point above is in anyway invalid :P), what would be my three wishes?

1. To do a job that I really love

As a matter of fact, maybe not even do a job. Maybe work for myself. But to know that at the end of the day, I am happy with what I have done and can actually be enthusiastic for the next day that lies ahead.

2. To love the people who deserve it

To stop wasting time over people who don’t care and who are just not worth it. And to all those who matter and are there for me, to love them unconditionally and to let them know what they mean to me. Maybe a hug and a kiss, and telling them how meaningless life would be without them.

3. To help people whose worries go beyond the latest designer bag they have to buy

To actually be able to help a hungry man/woman, to provide a needy child with education, to give a smile to someone who might need just that.

Well, now that I look up at my magical list, I realize that all these changes aren’t something that a genie can do. It’s all inside me. Which makes me realize all the things I probably can be doing, and should probably start working on.

So, I believe this post will work as MY magical genie who will transform me to a new “ME” !


Zendagi Migzara February 17, 2012

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I just finished reading the Kite Runner, and am still reeling with after thoughts. I’ve read hundreds of books, avid reader that I am, but frankly, never has a book left such a strong impact on me.

Reading that book got me thinking, something I rarely do, preferring to take things as they are. Are we truly as perfect as we believe ? When we question someone’s actions or doubt their intentions, how many times can we prove ourselves crystal clear ? I don’t mean we’re bad people, what I am thinking is, don’t we sometimes concentrate so hard on looking at the wrong in people that we often overlook the good in ourselves ? Confusing, yes. False, no.

We as individuals possess strengths and abilities that at times remain unknown to us, and it is only in times of dire need, do we display them. But, if for a change, forgetting the people around us, we sat down and introspected, we could truly discover the true us, and get to know that we can actually be much better than we are and maybe the world wouldn’t be such a bad place after all ! 🙂

P.S. the title, just in case you’re wondering means “Life goes on” …