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Want it ?? RUN as fast as you can !!! July 1, 2011

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This is something that I think everyone must have experienced, and is oh so obvious in the case of the opposite sex. That the more you run after something(or someone 🙂 ), the farther away it(or they) will run away from you !! And the second you give up hope and retreat back, Voila ! It comes jumping back at you !

Sometimes, I feel it’s like there’s some kind of magical elastic force that governs this law ! Why is it that when we badly want something, it deludes us, and the second we lose interest in the chase, and when the object in question is no longer desired, we get an opportunity to actually get it ?

I’ve seen this to be the most applicable in the case of the opposite gender. Every girl must have been through her phase of going nuts over a guy, and the main reason behind it would have been the excitement of the “lure of the unavailable”. He would either be the most wrong man for her, or the whole pairing would just be very questionable. I’ve met guys whose appeal was in their brooding and “I don’t care about you” attitude, and the minute they would respond with attention, they would become the normal “guy next door”. 🙂

No conclusions on what is behind all this, but I guess, all of us would agree that we’re one confused lot of people, and we girls just top the list 😀

P.S. No offence to girls, after all, we’re an intelligent confused lot who know how to use our confusion to our advantage 😉

Note: These words of wisdom come at a very early morning hour, so please excuse any obscurity in thoughts 😛