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This one’s for you Daddy ! June 19, 2011

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Daddy, the word itself brings me a comfort of sorts that I know I can get from no other place.

Fathers are I guess the underrated of the parents, as they often have to do the stick-yielding and impose the rules around the house. I’ve also known my Dad as strict, but he’s always been the more affectionate one too. I still remember how when I was a kid, the first thing he’d do when he came back home from office would be to take me in his arms, make me fly and smother me with kisses. Oh, how I used to hate being the younger child, and this particular display of affection would remind me of the very same thing ! I guess it was only when I had a younger brother(9 years younger by the way!) did I realize how lucky I’d been !

Lying in bed with Mom and Dad as a kid, I still remember how Daddy would ask me who I loved more, him or Mom. I would always say both, but when Dad would keep prodding, I’d say OK, I love you more, and then later I’d run to Mom and say, I love you both equally. The innocence of childhood ! I guess you can’t really measure love and compare it, I know I love both Mom and Dad in different ways, and to weigh my love for them would just be unfair.

I was always the one who went along with Dad for shopping, and what I loved was the conversations we had, no matter what they were about. Something that always stays with me is, when we planning to move to India for good, my Dad actually asked my opinion, do you actually want to go back or do you like it better here? To think it was important to ask an eleven year old her opinion touched me, and frankly, it didn’t make any difference to me where we stayed, because I knew what Dad had thought was good for all of us.

I’ve seen Dad sacrifice things along the way for us, to give us a better life, to protect us from pain, and maybe at times he thinks we don’t even notice, but I do. I know that he’s lived a selfless life, just for us to be happy. With Dad sitting thousands of miles away, I can probably not hug him and say I love you Daddy, but I truly love you and I thank Allah everyday for giving me such a wonderful Daddy! You’re my inspiration and my role model Daddy !


One Response to “This one’s for you Daddy !”

  1. Just one word for this one… BEAUTIFUL! Can’t agree more when you say that dad’s are the underrated of the parents. No comparisons, of course.. but yes, for we daughters.. our fathers are always very special! 🙂

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