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Wash away the memories May 29, 2011

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What is the most difficult thing that keeps us from moving on in life ?

It’s the memories, the moments that have been so beautiful that can’t let you forget the person in question or the painful trauma that keeps haunting you day and night.

The question that I’m pondering on is that if I had a choice to erase all my memories, especially all the bad ones, would I actually do it ? I think not. Because though it may help me forget the painful memories of my life, won’t I be missing out on the wisdom that I gained from it ? Today, I’m a product of what life has given me, good times and the bad ones. And all these experiences have made me a wiser person.

The truth is that each person we meet, unleashes in us a part of us that may not even be known to us. And it is through different people, that we get to discover the true us. We may move on in life, leave some people behind, knowingly or unknowingly, but as we move forward, we take with us a small part of each of them.

Sitting on a random day, memories often flood our minds, making us reminisce of times gone by, and though these thoughts may bring a smile to our face, deep down, the sadness of losing those happy moments are unavoidable. But, instead of delving into the not so happy aspects, why not smile and be truly happy without any inhibitions? For it is only when we are completely at peace with what we are, and what has gone by, that we can achieve inner peace. And when you think of a special person whose importance may have faded along with time and responsibilities, why not just pick up the phone and tell them you still care ?

To all the people who have touched my life, a big thank you for helping me discover who I am and for being a part of my life, no matter how long or short. And for people who I may have hurt along the way, forgive me for I am human too.

To conclude is a quote by Henry Miller that resonates with the same feeling –

The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love

So, spread the love and let’s make this world a happier place !


Hello world!

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Hey, with this post I start my foray into the world of blogging, and continue with what I love doing – writing!

What got me here is that along the line, I realized that I had lost touch with myself, and this is an attempt at expressing myself and rediscovering the lost me.

Here’s to freedom of expression! Cheers! 🙂